How Do I Fountain Pen?

By Michael W. Harris

Getting up to speed on any new hobby or interest is both a daunting and exciting task. The internet has endless message boards, comment threads, and FAQs, but sometimes it is hard to tell good from bad information, and you might be scared to ask a question lest you risk the wrath of internet commenters proclaiming you a n00b and yelling at you to go comb through pages upon pages of archives to hunt for your answer rather than wasting their time.

Luckily, the stationery world is [usually] much more civil, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t easy resources to help you cut through the endless pages of Google search results! In the previous post here, I listed some great blogs and YouTube channels to get you started in your pens, ink, and paper exploration, and this time I am pulling together many of the resources that helped me out as I was getting started, along with some other posts that might help you avoid some common pitfalls when diving deep into the world of stationery.

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Blogs and YouTubers to Get You Started in Pens and Stationery

By Michael W. Harris

It has been almost a year since I feel deep down the rabbit hole of fountain pens and stationery, and early on in my journey there were a number of blogs and YouTube channels that helped me to learn a lot about the hobby and make me feel like there was a warm and welcoming community for me out there. And while the newly formed Memphis Pen Club has finally provided me with an in person group to share my love with, for those whose locales lack such a group, here are a few places where you can feel the pen love!

Note: There are A LOT of great content creators in the pen and stationery community and this is by no means an exhaustive list. I’ll mention a few others at the end, but this is just meant to get you started.

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