My First (of many) Trip to Vanness

By Michael W. Harris

On Saturday, May 18, Vanness Pens in Little Rock, AR, hosted a pen meet-up in their store. Since moving to Memphis back in August of 2018, I had wanted to make the 2 hour trip but had yet to because of time or money. But the chance to sit down and talk pens with other people along with browsing the legendary Vanness WALL OF INK (seriously…they have pretty much any ink you could ever want to buy) was too much to resist. And after having a pretty rough week with too much going on at once at work, I packed up some pens and set off on my trip, podcasts at the ready on my iPhone. Here are some photos from the trip:

In all, it was a great trip and a fun way to spend three hours on a Saturday. As for the four plus hour drive there and back…well plenty of time to listen to stationery podcasts, or call a pen friend and brag about how you spent a Saturday afternoon in pen nirvana.

To end with, thank you to Lisa and Mike Vanness, and everyone who works tirelessly in the shop. While they were chatting and looking at pens with the assembled people, they were also manning the shop, helping out other customers who were no doubt confused by the confab in the back. Vanness is a special place in the pen world as one of the few brick and mortar stores left in the US, and Lisa and Mike do an amazing job keeping it going while also tirelessly working the show circuit and producing content for social media.

If you are ever in the area, make sure to go to Vanness. And if you are in the Memphis area, hit up the club and maybe we can arrange a road trip. 🙂

4 Replies to “My First (of many) Trip to Vanness”

  1. Just saw this and want to say thank you for stopping in and for supporting us in person! I will make my way to the Memphis club in 2020
    – Lisa

    1. Thanks, Lisa!! We are slowly building a following, though attendance is still a bit thin at times, but we are adding to the mailing list slowly but surely!!!! Thank you for the encouragement and support.

  2. Hello All..

    After much time researching for help….I have finally fallen upon your Pen Club….hurrah!!!!
    I H
    have a sterling ballpoint Cross Pen with a turquoise leather case with a Rose design in silver on the lip of the case.
    Around the middle of the pen, is the same rose design.
    This Cross pen was a gift to me sometine in the 1960’s I believe, or early 70’s.
    It is in mint condition. The eraser is dry, but intact. The pen looks beautiful once I polished it.
    Can anyone quote me the value of this lovely pen.
    Sincerely, Catherine Pappas

    1. Catherine,
      Sorry but none of us are really experts in providing a quote. But when it comes to pricing, most people say try to find current and completed eBay auctions (to search completed, go to advanced search and under “search including” select “completed listings”). Good luck!

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